Garlic Herb Butter

32 Servings of 1 Tablespoon each


2 cups (1 pint) / 16

ounces — Organic

Heavy Whipping


1 Tbsp– Minced

Garlic (optional)

1 Tbsp– Fresh

Tarragon, roughly


2 Tbsp– Fresh

Parsley, roughly chopped

1 Tbsp– Organic Lemon Juice

1 tsp– Pink Himalayan Salt

1/2 tsp– Black

Pepper or White Pepper


  1. Pour your heavy whipping cream into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add all ingredients and mix until the cream turns into butter. This process takes approximately 7-10 minutes.     ***tip*** if it begins to splatter you can always use a slow speed. It will take longer, but you will have less of a mess!
  3. Butter freezes very well. Once you made your butter, you can freeze it.
  4. Stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks! 
  5. Stays fresh at room temperature for up to 1 week, if it lasts that long!
  6. I use a plastic, airtight container to freeze it in. However, you can you an ice tray or plastic bag (zip lock).
  7. This butter is great on low carb bread and crackers or you can use it on steak, any meat or veggies of your choice !

Tips / Suggestions

  • I used Organic Valley Ultra Pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream — ZERO CARBS !


Keto With Lee

Garlic Herb Butter

Nutrition Facts


** Please note: These Macros are estimates according to the ingredients I used. ***